How to tell if a girl likes you body language

How to tell if a girl likes you body language is part of a communication you are having with her.  Is also a way to know if she is interested in you. What is your body language convey to her?  confidence or neediness?  This communication is also part of the energy and VIBE you are transmitting to her.    Women are good at reading your VIBE and your body language so here are some tips to read her reaction over your body language and VIBE.

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Here are some tips to know how to tell if a girl likes you body language


1) Is she laughing and enjoying her self around you

When a girl likes your vibe and body language she will enjoy her self around you.  Laughing and having a good time or even joking with you lets you know she is comfortable with your body language.


2) Does she tell you things about her personal life

This means she is comfortable with your presence and is able to open up to you.  Her opening up gives you the chance to connect with her on a deeper level.  Watch for how she communicates with you and the things she is telling you because it might just mean she trust you.


3) How touchy is she with you

If she touches you a lot, hits you or even hugs you a lot, might mean that she working her way to be more intimate with you.   Letting you into her personal space and entering into yours with the trust of being intimate. 


These three simple tips will help you to know if she is into your body language

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how to know if a girl likes you

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