How To Talk To Girls

How to talk to girls is been a question that we have been asking our selves as men since we were young adults.  We see the rare guy that just fluently is able to carry on conversations with this rare species to some us call women and we wonder How can it be so easy for them?


We have found our selves one or another time froze as we stare at a girl we are into or just avoid the situation completely with anger since we cant work up our bravery to go speak to that one girl we like.   I remember going home angry at my self, dreaming of what it would have been like with that girl if I had just conversated with her.   Disappointed at my lack of bravery and not been able to overcome that fear.

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6 techniques that will help you talk to girls


1. Stop Daydreaming while meeting girls and stop putting a girl in a pedestal before you even meet her or know her

It is very important to keep in mind the story you keep telling your self before you get to a place and more important when you are about to talk to a girl and while talking to her.  This conversation is usually the one that brings her value way to high in your mind before you even meet her, making it almost impossible to have the courage to talk to her or engage and when you do.  Things just go downhill because you come up to her with your value on the ground in your head and hers way above putting too much at risk or thinking you have so much to lose and make up for.   Know that you are more than good enough as you are and what you don’t need to prove anything to her but rather you are sharing who you are with her rather than having her share that with you.

2. Start talking to random people all the time whether a hello or a full conversation

Conversation with other people keeps you out of your mind and engage in a process of talking to people so that when you get to a girl that you actually are attracted to, it is just natural to talk to her and keep up a conversation with her.  Furthermore, a lot of the times you will not even notice you are talking to a girl you are attracted to.  When you actually notice you are attracted to her, you are already deep in the conversation and past the approach or talking to her part.

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3.  Concentrate on the conversation 

If you ever ran out of things to say or felt like it, this is a key point for you.  Girls will tell you what to talk about as long as you are concentrating on the conversation, there will always be questions to ask about.  Every answer you get from a girl opens up room for more questions, for example, ” where are you from? ” Her: Canada… or where ever the answer is you will have different options of questions to ask about that “what is Canada known for?”  “How was it growing up in Canada?” “Where in Canada?”.   So many different questions and directions to take the conversation as long you are in the conversation, you will not miss how to talk to a girl.  Bottom line girls and all of us love to talk about our selves

4.  Stop trying to get laid or get something for you 

Thinking about sex while with her all the time will only lead to persuing and neediness again, that will no help your anxiety or rejection fear problem.  Sex will work itself out effortlessly if you let it flow.  Instead of thinking about what you can get for your self think of what you can bring to the conversation and give to that interaction.   Remeber rejection only exist because you are trying to get something from someone but if you are offering something to someone your interaction, energy and vibe will change automatically.

5.  Be comfortable with a girl sex talk

Be comfortable with your own sexuality and in your skin to let her talk about sex without feeling needy, desperate or anxious.  If you the conversation leads to a sex talk doesn’t mean to be dirty, nasty or anything like that but rather to be ok about talking about sex the way she is talking about it.  Consider that girls talk about sex all the time with her friends and you holding confidence in that talk is a really attractive trait on a man to a woman.

6. Have a passion in life and lifestyle 

A man who is passionate about something and has a lifestyle rather been lost in the world just chasing tale is a lot more attractive.   A combination of this with confidence will automatically get skyrocket your attractive male status.



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