how to know if a girl likes you over text

4 ways how to know if a girl likes you over text.  If you are the type of guys that goes the number and text back and forth with the girls you meet.  Maybe you have a girl now that you are communicating with and do not know to interpret her messages.  Whatever the situation is you will find these 4 tips very useful to know if that girl likes you.  

  1. She gave you her phone number easily 
  2. Responds to your texts quickly 
  3. Is interested in you asks questions about you and contributes to the conversation
  4. I open to getting together with you


Did she give you her number easily or had to ask for it a few times? This is

how to know if a girl likes you over text

 If she hesitated on giving you her number that could mean different things.  She could have her defense system up since women get approach many times per day.  Maybe it means she does not like you at all.  Women usually know where you stand with in the first minutes of an interaction. 

  • nothing
  • friend 
  • sex
  • potential relationship

Where she sees you at is the way she will behave and how she will trust you with her phone number


Is she responding to your text quickly or taker her time after she reads them.

How fast she responds to your messages is a good indicator of how much she is into you.  Combined with how often she responds whether you have to text her twice before she responds or if she texts you back on every message.  Being understanding that people have a busy life is ok but also the act of making time to respond especially when they have a busy life is a way of showing you how interested she is.


Are you always re-engaging the conversation or does she ask you about you and contributes to the conversation

If conversation is dying off and you are the one that keeps re-engaging.  I have to say, she is not interested enough to contribute to the conversation.  She might just be answering your questions with close-ended answers.  If this is the case do not waste your time and move on.


Is she always busy and have an excuse not to meet with you 

Pay attention to how is she responding to your comments about getting together.  Does she avoid them? Maybe she has an excuse always and just never seem like it is going to happen.   You keep inviting her to get together and she just keeps saying she can not or she is busy.  Know that most of the time, they are just excuses not to get together with you.

how to know if a girl likes you

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