Have you been wondering how to know if a girl is interested in you?

If you have been wondering how to know if a girl is interested in you, then we can help.  We know that dating and meeting women could be a painful and overpowering fear to most men.  So we have decided to go share and help in their self-growth to increase your chances of meeting the girl or girls you want in your life.   With many years of coaching experience and bringing to light the limiting beliefs and technical aspects of meeting women have brought us a fulfilling purpose.  Knowing that every time we help someone and they show such gratitude. Show joy and appriciation, it makes us feel like we are bringing a bit of positive change to the world.


Is that girl interested in you?

This has been a question we have asked our selves many times Is that girl interested in me? To be bold about the answer.  You should not care about it!  Wondering if she is interested in us only makes us insecure and to seek validation from her and her friends or acquaintances.  I am not saying do not talk to her or go after other girls.   I am saying get that idea out of your head and truly concentrate on the interactions with her rather than what you are trying to get from her. 

It is difficult sometimes to let go of that idea so let me give you a few hints on how to know if she is interested in you.  But before that, let me tell you that the reason why I said to let go of wondering is she is interested in you or not.  Is because usually this concept also makes us get in the way of our own success with that girl.   Not giving her space to do the signs that I am about to mention to you.  So been needy and wanting something usually takes us on the path of chasing, pursuing and trying to convince someone to like us.  Even more devaluating to creating a story about that specific girl or girls, putting them on a pedestal so high that we are not able to ever reach them.  Therefore if we even get there, we start with a relationship at their mercy, where they have full control and power over you, NOT ATTRACTIVE what so ever.   


1) Does she like you over text?  

How are her responses is a way to see if she likes you over text messages. Does she respond to your texts? if she does not respond or responds every 2-3 messages then she is not that into you.  So stop wasting time trying to get her to like you, hoping that you can turn things around in your favor.   Either she wants to meet you or not so do not prolong meeting up, girls know within in minutes if they want to see you or not.


2) How to tell if she likes your body Language?

How is she reacting to you and how you carry your self around her?  Pay attention to what her body language is telling you as you carry your self.  Is she moving away?   closing her self?  A girl that is attracted to your body language usually relaxes and is trusty of your presence.  Therefore, she will come closer to you and opens up in her body language because she feels comfortable and looks up to you as a person of value.


3) Rather than concentrating on getting a girl to like you or to interested in you, become a man of value

A man of value is that a person who has a passion for living and who has a passion for what he does.  Always giving and contributing more than what he takes.  So, here are some traits to think about

  •  a sense of humor
  • carefree
  • independent 
  • passion in what he does
  • confident and secure of himself



In conclusion, if you are a man of value always bringing more to the table and conversations rather than taking for your self, girls will always react to you in a positive way.  Always do it for the right reason because all women know when you want something they will act differently to you.  Also, check out some videos on self-growth and social confidence from a great youtube channel Social buddha.  Where you will find how out and discover you true self and how to become that man of value.

how to know if a girl likes you

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