6 Ways How to know if a girl likes you

Every guy at some point wonders how to know if a girl likes you. Girls may be complicated creatures, but it’s quite easy to tell if they’re into you. A girl doesn’t mask her feelings very well; You should be able to quickly and easily spot the signs she likes you. It’s just a matter of you being attentive and paying attention to her. Those are two things you should be doing anyway if you have an interest in her.

6 Signs to know if a girl likes you



1. The way she looks at you If she looks at you when you don’t notice it or looks at you with a happy look
2. Her body Language Is her body language saying she is closed to you or is open to you
3. Does she talk about you with her friends A girl usually shares everything with her friends and the more she talks to them about you the more she is into you
4. Does she touch all the time when a girl hitting you or touching you its  way of flirting
5. Are you getting a lot of hugs  Also, like touching but more intimate hugging and grabbing is a big sign she is into you
6. It is all about her smiles If she smiles a lot with you, that is a great sign

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how to know if a girl likes you

1. It begins with the way she looks at you.

When a girl likes you, she looks at you differently. Her eyes will be fixated on you. She will also position her body towards you. You will notice that she seems more open to you on a physical level. Her entire being is pointed in your direction. She is doing this on a subconscious level without even noticing it. It comes as an instinct that we humans want to protect your vital organs from danger. She isn’t doing that, and the reason is that she likes you. More than that, she also is interested in you far more than if you were just the average person.

girl flirting

2. How to tell if a girl likes you body language

 This is the primary way how to tell if a shy girl likes you. A shy girl is different from the rest because it’s harder to get her out of her shell. If she doesn’t appear stiff or nervous, this is a good sign. It means she feels comfortable around you. You have now entered her world, and she feels very at ease around you. This is a far bigger deal than you may realize. It’s very difficult for shy girls to communicate how they feel when around a guy. The fact that she likes you and is showing interest is a big deal. While you may not have landed her yet, you’re on your way to going out on a first date. 3 sings to notice she that tells you she is into you are.

  • rubbing her arms
  • biting her lips
  • body nervously reactions
  • comes close into your space
  • touchy

3. Does she talk about you with her friends?

  A girl can’t keep her crush to herself. It’s just not possible. Are you friends with some of the people she hangs out with? If so, then it should get out if she’s talking about you. Word travels fast when a girl has a crush on a guy. It’ll be the talk of your clique before you know it. The one thing you don’t want to do is keep asking her friends if she’s talking about you when wanting to know if a girl likes you. Instead, allow the conversation to go where it may. It’ll come out if she is and you don’t want to come across as being too assertive. Your friends may think you’re too aggressive and they’ll tell her. Sometimes a girl will feel uncomfortable around a guy who seems too aggressive and can’t keep himself under control.

girl touching you

4. Does she touch you all the time? 

 The touches may be innocent, but they convey how she feels.  This is another way to know if she likes you.  The touches themselves don’t have to be in a suggestive manner. It could just be that she’s touching your arm or your legs somehow touch each other. Bodily contact is essential as it shows that she’s comfortable around you. She’s allowing you to invade her space. A person doesn’t do this unless they feel safe around another person. The girl feels so safe around you that she’s willing to touch you.

5. Are you getting a lot of hugs? 

Touching will eventually lead to hugs. Don’t expect a pat on the back to immediately result in a hug. But, it will if you give her time. Things have a way of working up to actions like hugs. Whatever you do, don’t be pushy. Don’t push things or try to make things happen faster, they will just work out themselves.  Allow her to hug you when she’s ready, you will know when if a girl likes you if she hugs you without requesting it. The risk you take may not be worth it in the end. You could push her away and make her feel uncomfortable. That shouldn’t be a concern if you pace everything and allow her to be in control.

6. It’s all about her smiles  

Some will say you should look to see if she’s nervous around you. Sure, that’s a big tell, but she’s not going to be nervous forever. The anxiety only lasts when she’s feeling uncomfortable around you. So, that’s not a good indicator that she’s interested in you. It’ll leave and then you won’t be able to pick up on it.

The same thing could be said about hair twirling. If she’s twirling her hair around you, then she’s interested. But, it’s not something she’s going to do forever. The first few times it registers in her mind that she’s interested in you it’ll happen. You may not catch it in time. It all depends on the type of situation that you find yourselves in. If you’re at work, then it’s easy to miss out on the small things. A person’s face says what they’re thinking. If a girl is smiling around you, that means she’s happy. Why is she happy? The reason is that she’s delighted to be near you. This is the biggest tell by far.

People overlook the facial expressions of others, and it’s a big mistake. If she’s smiling from ear to ear constantly, it’s because of you. Hopefully, you’ve got a big smile on your face as well. If you do, then the two of you were made for each other. It’s all about happiness in the end. Everyone wants to be happy, and nothing can make a person feel happier than being in love.


These are the 6 ways on How to know if a girl likes you

In conclusion, If you’re single and wanting to be in love, it can feel like it’s never going to happen. The world of dating isn’t so complicated. It’s only awkward when you’re new at it. The greatest thing a human can ever experience is love. Allow yourself to fall in love and be always looking for your soul mate. If you keep your eyes open, she might be smiling at you. Sometimes romance happens when we least expect it. It could be someone you see every day who works at your favorite store or even a neighbor. You’ll know by her body language and how she acts around you. It’s not something you can force or beg a girl to want. It happens naturally, and when it does, it’s one of the best experiences life has to offer.

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